This is my first set of art dolls meant to exist outside of an animated film. Usually I work as a stop motion film maker but the characters – the puppets have always been the starting point and inspiration for my films.

This is a set of dolls designed as characters for a stop motion film as well as individual artworks – dolls that can be exhibited one by one or in pairs forming interesting relations in combination with each other. I am presenting them at exhibitions and I am producing dolls by the same design in small editions which I will offer for sale for collectors.


I’ve always seen myself as a doll artist but I keep getting distracted by stop motion film ideas. I always have dolls and creatures taking shape in my mind. In different materials, textures, colors. And what I like the most is to make dolls. But each time one is formed in my mind it comes to life in movement and in scenes that I imagine. This time I foresaw this tendency and decided to design the puppets to be individual art dolls besides performing as actors in my film.

For some years I have wanted to learn to make porcelain dolls and with these dolls now my wish has finally materialized. To make the dolls suitable for both purposes, being artistic dolls of aesthetic design and puppets for animation at the same time I used porcelain, silicone and aluminium wire for building them. Porcelain is not a common material to be used for stop motion puppets. It is too impractical for it is fragile and quite heavy for stop motion puppets. But I prefer natural materials for working because they are not contaminating the environment, last much longer than synthetic materials and are healthier and nicer to work with. Also with the wish to make those puppets also as art dolls I had even more excuses and reason to make them from porcelain. For some dolls I have also used silicone to make them flexible for taking any position needed that porcelain would not allow. I have used the silicone in a manner that immitates porcelain so that it is hard to tell the materials apart.

These dolls you can also see as characters in my current stop motion film project Winter In Rainforest.

For those who might have one of these dolls in their home one day it can be curious and inspiring to see what the dolls have already experienced and lived as characters in my films and of course add to their life in your own imagination.