Anu-Laura Tuttelberg is a stop-motion film director based in Tallinn, Estonia. She works as a freelance artist directing and designing puppet films. She makes set designs at animation studios and teaches puppet animation in Estonian Academy of Arts. She finds inspiration for her work from nature, architecture, photography, sculpture and historical dolls.

For me stop-motion film is a technique which contains all the art mediums that fascinate me – photography, scenography, sculpture, film. It enables me to create a whole imaginary world out of nothing. In stop-motion film not a single detail is there by chance, everything in the film is intentional and has a reason or a meaning. What is so intriguing about animated film is that it is not limited in it’s visual design by reality as live-action film is. In stop-motion film I enjoy finding the balance between realism and stilization in design.

In my films I like to bring out the characteristics of stop-motion technique. To work with light, to use the technique’s own peculiarity – that the animation is created by photographing the movement frame by frame taking long time between the individual images and therefore leaving gaps in time and creating a new time. A time with multiple parallel movements, a slow and a fast time existing simultaneously. The slow time of the animator and the puppet while animating, the “real” time of the puppet moving in the film, and life passing by fast in the background.

Stop-motion film is like a concentration of time. It might take few years to make a film that is 5 minutes long. But those years are present in those five minutes! They are visible and sensible in the details, in the years of work, ideas, inspiration and persistency.

Anu-Laura Tuttelberg graduated MA degree in animation at Estonian Academy of Arts in 2013. She made her first animation Fly Mill/ Kärbeste veski (2012) a puppet film as her graduation film. Fly Mill has screened in more than hundred festivals around the world and won numerous prizes. Her first film after graduation, a short animated film On The Other Side Of The Woods/ Teisel pool metsa premiered in June 2014 at Annecy International Animation Festival and has won three First Prizes and a Best Debut prize at festivals so far.

She has made set designs for short stop-motion animations such as Tik-Tak (2015) and Empty Space (2016) by Ülo Pikkov, The Lemonade Tale (2013) by Vallo Toomla in Nukufilm studio in Estonia and It’s About Time by Ivo Briedis (2014) in Atomart studio in Latvia. She also worked in the set design team of a feature stop-motion film Morten on the Ship of Fools by Kaspar Jancis (in Nukufilm Studio) which will be realeased in 2017.

Currently she is developing her new puppet film Winter In Rainforest/ Talv vihmametsas which will be shot outdoors in a rainforest with a 16 mm camera.



2014 director
Animated short film On The Other Side Of The Woods / Teisel pool metsa, Nukufilm studio, Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, Estonian academy of Arts

2012 director
Animated short film Fly Mill / Kärbeste veski, Estonian Academy of Arts

2016 production designer
Animated short film Empty Space, director Ülo Pikkov, studio Nukufilm

2015 puppet designer
Animated feature film Morten on the Ship of Fools / Morten lollide laeval, director Kaspar Jancis, studio Nukufilm

2015 production designer
Animated short film Tik-Tak, director Ülo Pikkov, studio Nukufilm

2013 production designer
Animated short film The Lemonade Tale / Limonaadilugu, director Vallo Toomla, studio Nukufilm

2012 production designer
Animated short film It’s About Time, director Ivo Briedis, studio Atomart, Latvia

2009 director
Photo film Miss Julie, Estonian Academy of Arts


2009-2013 Estonian Academy of Art, animation department (MA)
2006-2009 Estonian Academy of Art, scenography department (BA)
2003-2006 Tartu Art College, photography department (BA), (ungraduated)


3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Alan Bohl says:

    I read your interview in the Stop Motion Animation magazine and was very impressed. I have enjoyed reviewing your website and will continue to follow your work with interest.

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